Dr Keating om att applicera solvens II på fonderade pensioner med arbetsgivareförbindelse

The Time Line In pensions is all-important. The need for a pension arises in the first place from the asynchronicity of labour income and consumption. A pension is simply an income in retirement; it is not savings for retirement, which will require realisation to generate income. It is […]

Med hängsle och livrem, redovisningsdriven överfondering av pensionsåtaganden

Seatbelts and Brakes An earlier article (Of Dervishes and Mendicants) illustrated the surprising fact that the application, since 2000, of a further £340 billion of funding to UK defined benefit pension funds, more than 40% of reported liabilities in the year 2000, has not improved their condition. It […]

Dr Con Keating om att förstå pensioner

Towards an Understanding of the Pensions Crisis It is usual in the economics literature to motivate pension arrangements for individuals by reference to consumption smoothing and insurance. The problem for the (average) individual may be illustrated with a simple comparison of the age profiles of individual labour income […]


Tjänstepensionen olika modeller Din tjänstepension kan vara avgiftsbestämd eller förmånsbestämd. En avgiftsbestämd modell innebär att arbetsgivaren betalar en bestämd avgift till din pension. Pengarna som sätts in kan du själv placera i fonder eller försäkringar. Beroende på hur dessa placeringar faller ut kommer din slutliga tjänstepension variera. Har […]

Extenderad tillämpning av kompletteringsregeln

Omständigheterna i ärendet X AB har sedan tidigare, utöver vad som följer av den kollektivavtalade pensionsplanen med pensionsåldern 65 år, en utfästelse om förtida pension för en arbetstagare. Denna utfästelse är förmånsbestämd och gäller med en pensionsålder från 62 år. Pensionsutfästelsen har tryggats i en tryggandeform som medger […]

Consumer and decision making about pensions

When we think about decision-making, we often think about it as a single, linear process in which people weigh up the pros and cons of the various options before making a choice. Indeed, this ability to systematically process information in order to reach the best possible decision is […]

Age and decision making of relevance for pensions

While the behavioural biases we identify are generally considered to be universal among humans, research finds that there are two aspects of aging that can lead older people to be more prone to certain types of biases. As we get older, we increasingly behave in ways that maintain […]

Financial literacy won´t cure shortcomings in DC investments

  For many the solution to (defined contribution pensions) s increasing the financial literacy of the population. Better decisions and choices, and with that superior outcomes for retail investors is held as the prospective result. George Osborne’s advice or guidance is a prime and current example here. There […]

Kollektiv premiebestämd pension

There is growing support for “going Dutch” with pensions. So for those new to this debate this post asks “what are CDC pensions and why are they a good thing?” The UK mainly has two types of pension. Once most people were in defined benefit (DB) pensions. This […]