Dr Con Keating; Misströsta inte om pensionerna

1)      Pensions are unaffordable and unsustainable The reality is that pensions are both affordable and sustainable in the public and private sector. Those Jeremiahs who point to an increasing share of our national output as the cost of pensions exaggerate the position. The fact is that true pensions […]

Dr Con Keating om destruktionen av förmånsbestämda pensioner

The occupational defined benefit (DB) pension scheme is a masterpiece of institutional contractual design. It is vastly superior to anything that can be provided for themselves by individuals. In fact, in current times, individual (defined contribution) pension provision operates at an efficiency of just twenty percent or so […]

Con Keating; Slutet på en epok

End of an epoch The demise of the Bretton Woods system in the 1970s was epoch-defining; it constituted a massive shift of financial risk-bearing from the public to the private sector. One aspect of this was the progressive international financial liberalisation that followed, and a by-product of that, […]

Con Keating; vi har råd med förmånsbestämda pensioner

The idea that occupational defined benefit pensions are unaffordable has gained currency in the past decade, but is a misconception. Unfortunately, based on this belief, employees are now offered poor simulacra which are grossly inadequate and unsustainable – simply not fit for purpose. Inchoate concepts such as “Defined […]