Holländsk tjänstepension

In pure DB, the benefits tap below is always open at a predetermined, fixed rate. The contributions tap on top and investment policy are used to try to make sure that the benefits continue to be paid.

Kapitalförvaltning och ålder

A 100% equities strategy for a DC pensions plan can have a devastating impact. In this stylized example, retiring in 2007 would have resulted in a capital sum saved of over €500K. A colleague retiring two years later, in 2009, would have a retirement income of less than […]

Hybridpensionen; förmånsbestämt och premiebestämt pensionslöfte

  DB solutions with built-in guarantees have proven their worth during the crisis. The Dutch pension market has developed a solution, the ‘guaranteed contract’, that is unique in the worldwide pensions markets. Under a ‘guaranteed contract,’ an insurance company offers a DB plan that has downside protection while […]


– By 2060, pay-as-you-go pension plans will converge towards a replacement rate (amount of pension received expressed as a percentage of the pre-retirement income) that on average will be no more than 40% of wages according to the projections taken with comparable macro-economic data. In France, the replacement […]

Dr Keating om redovisningen av pensionsåtaganden

Accounting and risk-based regulation for pensions remain contentious. The accounting standard is mixed attribute in nature using market prices to value assets and net present values for liabilities, based on an exogenous market-observed discount rate. Clearly, this was heavily influenced by the funded model of defined benefit pension […]

Att förstå och förutse lång-levnad

The future of understanding and predicting longevity The future is highly uncertain, but a key benefit of predictive approaches is that they can increase confidence in the pricing and funding of future retirement income solutions. However, holding longevity risk continues to be a major challenge for pension funds, […]

En artikel om lång-levnad

Actuaries and medical doctors are united in their desire to understand what influences human mortality. Mathematician Benjamin Gompertz was the first to observe in 1825 that mortality rates increase exponentially with age, in that the chance of death approximately doubles every eight years of life. Application of Gompertz […]

Risk-/avkastningsbedömningen bestämmer inte placeringarna

As a consequence of reforms aimed at reducing systemic risk in banking and insurance, many of the largest global financial institutions will need to adjust their capital structures and portfolios of assets in the next few years. New standards for risk-weighted assets in the Basel III requirements—and additional […]