Engelsk undersökning visar att 50-åringarna oroar sig för sin pension

Trots att många sparar till pensioneringen fruktar de att pensionen skall visa sig otillräcklig. Flera i undersökningen säger också att arbete bortom pensionsåldern får accepteras om så fordras för att få en rimlig standard som pensionär. Se nedan;

The Centre for Longitudinal Studies, an academic research facility based at the University of London, has published a research paper showing just how concerned people aged 50 are about their retirement provision and how resigned they are to working past retirement age.

In particular, the study found that many of those who were worried about not having enough to live on were either paying into a pension or had been in a pension scheme at one time. Only 3.2% strongly agreed with the statement “I will definitely have enough income to live comfortably in my retirement by assessment of current financial situation”.

“Paying into a pension no longer seems to ease people’s financial worries”, said the study’s author, Matthew Brown. “Seventy per cent of those with one or more pensions are worried about being poor in retirement. That is almost identical to the proportion of people without a pension who are concerned about not having enough to live on”. 89% of those surveyed appeared willing to consider working beyond retirement age if it improved their standard of living.

Perhaps surprisingly, many higher earners were concerned about their retirement income too. More than six in ten people in higher professional/managerial jobs, or with a net household income of more than £800 a week, admitted to such worries.

The survey was carried out as part of the National Child Development Study, which follows almost 10,000 men and women born in Great Britain during a week in 1958.

Comment That people are concerned about their pension provision is nothing new, but what might be surprising is the fact that so many approaching the twilight of their careers have such strong concerns. One might have assumed that many of these people would have been in good occupational pension schemes for much of their lives and nearly paid off their mortgages, but yet serious concerns remain. This is not a picture that will give much hope to the youth of today, who if they save at all are likely to be contributing to vastly inferior pension schemes.

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